Environmental linkages and causalities must be understood by the general public and policymakers. Knowledge limited to academic publications is of limited relevance. CEDAR aims to popularize knowledge and further the understanding of Himalayan systems.
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A 6 years old carrying 5 ltrs; early morning, everyday and yet another trip waits for her.
She might not know what she is missing at the school today.
They said everything will be sorted with salt water; tears, sweat or ocean. Well, they should have visited the low hills of Himalayas to see non smiling faces of little girls and sweat marks on their forehead just to get a bucket full of drinking water every day.
The early morning of any hamlet in Devprayag starts with children lining up in water queue either at a Hand-pump, Stand-post or at spring which could be 500 meters downhill.                                         Read more...

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